• 1. Requirements to become a member? (Who and How)
    Anybody can easily join Ukristo na Ufanisi Sacco whether you are in business, salaried, groups both investment and merry go rounds, cell groups, as a church, institution or company by filling the membership application form available at our branches and on our website.
    2. What are the types of membership?
       i. Individual membership
       ii. Joint membership
       iii. Cell group membership
       iv. Group membership
       v. Corporate membership
    3. Requirements to rejoin the Sacco after closure?
    Payment of re-joining fees of Ksh.1000 and the minimum monthly contribution of Ksh.1500.
    4. Requirement to activate a dormant Account
    Payment of the minimum monthly contribution of Ksh.1500.
    5.Is Share Capital Refundable?
    The share capital is non-refundable and is only transferable to an existing Sacco members and earns dividend at the end of the financial year

  • 1. What is the minimum monthly contribution on deposits and share capital?
    The minimum monthly contribution for deposits is Kshs. 1,000 and for share capital is Kshs. 500.
    2. What is the difference between Deposits and Share Capital?
    Deposits are refundable, earn interests and may be used to secure a loan while Share capital is transferable, earns dividends but cannot be used to secure a loan.
    3. How can I receive my statement?
    By signing up on our member portal through the Sacco’s website or by visiting any our branches.
    4. Can I transfer my deposits and share capital to another member?
    Yes you can. You only need to write a letter of consent to transfer the shares or deposits and attach your ID copy then request for a fund transfer request form which you will fill for completion of the transfer.
    5. What are the benefits of shares and deposits?
    Shares earns dividends while deposits earn interests annually.
    6. How can I make my payments to the Sacco?
    You can make payments via
      i. Our mobile banking platform *346# but you must be registered to do so.
      ii. Pay bill number 520900.
      iii. Current account with co-operative bank A/C NO 01100029492600 ;
      iv. Visiting any of our branches and making a direct deposit.

  • 1. When do I qualify to take a loan?
    You qualify to take a loan after six month of consistent contribution to the Sacco. However for an own share loan, you qualify after three months of consistent deposit.
    2. What is the maximum am entitled to?
    This depends on the product. If you have an asset account and you intend to buy land you can get up to 5 times your asset savings. If you intend to a buy a new motor vehicle you will be financed 70% of the value of the motor vehicle or 60% in case of a second hand motor vehicle. All other account categories can get a loan of up to three times for the first loan application and four times of your total savings for subsequent loans. School Fee Loan and Household Loan should not exceed KES 500,000 and Kilimo Loan should not exceed KES 1,000,000. Other loan products should not exceed KES 15,000,000 for individual borrowers and KES 20,000,000 for corporates/Groups
    3. Can I have more than one loan at the same time?
    Yes, you can. This happens when you have multiple savings accounts and you have the ability to service both loans.
    4. What is the maximum loan repayment period?
    The maximum loan repayment period is 72 months.
    5. Can I reduce my loan instalment due to cash flow constraints?
    Yes, but only when you are viable for a loan restructure. You will need to visit our offices for further guidance.
    6. How long does it take for a loan to be processed?
    For Ownshare loan it takes 24 hours. Other loans take a maximum of 14 days.
    7. What is the interest charged on loans?
    For BOSA (group and cell group members) interest on loans is 1% per month on a reducing balance. For BOSA individuals who are not in cell groups interest is charged at 1.35% per month on a reducing balance. All FOSA products are charged at an interest of 1% per month fixed except school fees loans whose interest is 0.8% per month .
    8. If I clear a loan before its completion date will I be required to pay interest for future periods?
    No further interest or penalty is charged for clearing a loan earlier than the contracted period.

  • 1. Do I need a guarantor if my loan application is equivalent to my deposits?
    You can borrow up to 80% of your deposits as a loan without guarantors.
    2. How are your loans secured?

      i.Through co-guarantorship where a member is in a cell group.
      ii. By providing collaterals like title deeds and car logbooks.

  • 1. Mobile Banking

    a) How do I register?
    By filling an m-sacco registration form and attaching your ID copy at any of our branches.
    If I forget my pin, how do I reset it?
    By filling an m-sacco pin reset form and attaching your ID copy at any of our branches.

    2. ATMS

    a) How do I apply for an ATM?
    By filling an ATM application form with your ID copy attached to it and depositing the ATM application fee to your current account
    b) Where can I access money using my ATM?
    At any Co-operative bank ATM

    3. Cheque Books
    a) How much does it cost to get a Cheque Book
    For 100 leaves it costs Ksh. 1500


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